Cascade Animal Clinic

Client Reviews & Testimonials

“This is the best place for vet services in town! They take care of our 4 cats and 2 dogs and we couldn't be happier. The front desk is so loving of our pets when I bring them in, and super friendly. I always feel so comfortable coming in. The vet assistants, techs, and doctors are also amazing. My babies are treated so well by them. I appreciate everything they do for us! Thank you all!”

— Antoinette Howel

“I recently moved to Springfield, and a friend recommended this place. I have needed them twice and both times they were amazing! They got my dog in right away and fixed her up. The staff is great, and the prices are very reasonable. Thank you so much!”

— Kim Wallace-McKenney

“I want to say thank you very much to Dr. Kelly Rosen. Lexus our White German Shepherd has been through so much since she was 8 1/2 weeks old. Cascade has brought her through all of it. Especially the latest illness of the UTI. Just yesterday we were given the all clear.

Thank You Dr. Rosen for being proactive and sticking with us and the suggestion of the last antibiotic. It was the charm.

We still need to do some prevention, but between my old dog’s successful cancer surgery, which extended her life by five more years to 15, and now the UTI - E Coli clear up and working together on natural and pharmaceutical, Lexus is OK. Thank you all so much. My heart is lighter.”

— Lela Trope

“I would not change vets for anything. Everyone at the clinic has been very helpful and kind. Even though I know there has been a few times I am sure I sounded like a crazy woman because my service dog was injured, and I was beside myself.

These wonderful people have done everything in their power to help my girl, including giving her some wonderful treatments that did wonders for her very sore back.

I appreciate no matter how insane I sound that all at the clinic listen intently and show exactly how concerned they are. These people are wonderful. Dr. Callahan has given my Bella the best attention possible.
I have no bad words for anyone there”

— Jessica Hobbs

“I can't say enough great things about this clinic, the veterinarians, and their staff. I have been to at least 6 vets in Eugene and Springfield over the years and have never trusted them like I do Dr. Kelli Rosen. She is thorough, caring, and highly educated. I never wonder if she knows what she's doing, like I have at the other clinics I've gone to. She is honest and will tell you if she needs a second opinion from a specialty clinic instead of neglecting the situation or giving a false diagnosis. I took my Pitbull to 2 other vets who gave me false diagnoses, and when I finally gave up on them, I took her to Dr. Rosen and she did everything she could to save my dog from a rare disease. She also knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Dobermans. I've never been to such an amazing clinic where you know you can fully trust the vet and their opinion. I will continue going to Dr. Rosen even after I move 3 hours away.”

— Shayla Evans

“Amazing establishment! Doctors and staff are super friendly and were very gentle with my cat. Pricing very reasonable! I never felt like they were trying to tack on more unnecessary treatments to make more money. They gave me a full list of possibilities and let me start with the minute things. Would recommend them to anyone!”

— Megan Quayle

“This clinic is super duper fabulous! They have really gone the distance for both of my girls and I. I moved to Springfield 9/14 and was referred to them. I couldn't have asked for a better clinic, doctors and staff. Both of my dogs have required A LOT of attention since we moved here; we have been in here weekly with issues. They have been so outstanding and patient that I won't be changing vets as long as I live in this area.”

— Carolyn Lindsey

“I love Dr. Callahan, we go way back to my vet asst days. The staff is very caring and communicates well. I couldn't recommend them more. I have sent many of my friends and clients there and will continue to do so. If you are looking for quality care at affordable prices, give them a try.”

— Darla Ingram Wardrip

“They are a great clinic and are thoughtful. The hardest time in a pet owner’s life is making "the call." They have helped us through some painful situations with compassion. They are great from simple tasks as shots to blockages. Over the years my animals have done it all, and they have been here to help.”

— Brandi Geddis

“Our family has 3 dogs and couldn't be more happy with Cascade Animal Clinic! All the doctors and staff genuinely love our pets and treat them as there own! Thank you so much, you are all amazing!!”

— Jennifer Miller

“I can't recommend Cascade more. Drs. Callahan and Rosen, and their staff, are beyond wonderful and cared for my little dog kindly and thoughtfully all the way to his end of days. My heartfelt gratitude to all of you.”

— Jean Hartley Sidden

“They are the best!! Dr. Callahan has taken great care of all our critters for years. The staff is knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend them.”

— Lizbeth Wright Hurley

“Have been going to Cascade for 10+ years, it is by far the best clinic in the area! Friendly staff and very educated and kind doctors.”

— Angela Merfeld

“I absolutely LOVE this vet. The staff is wonderful, always smiling and joking, and a few of them have even stopped working for a few minutes to come over and love on dog while waiting to see the doctor. Dr. Callahan is wonderful and very personal. I never have the feeling that he is in a rush to get to another patient. He's always willing to answer any questions I have, and he's very good at explaining thing's in detail. I love how if it's going to be something stressful for my dog, they take her out of the room so that the stress is not associated with me. I would highly recommend this vet to anyone who is looking for one.”

— Jen Durham

“Compassionate and friendly staff. You won't get better care anywhere else.”

— Renee Clark

“Amazing Doctors and staff! Would recommend to everyone who wants their furry child to receive the best care!”

— Glenn Schweitzer

“These people are awesome, we've taken our pets here for years! They treat your special babies as if they were their own:-)”

— Terry Beyerlin

“You guys are the best, and Murphy loves it there. Your Drs. helped him get healthy.”

— Kathy Russell Noes

“I've been a client of Cascade for 20+ years.”

— Debbie Berry